Maj Chemonges offers Lamin Intelligence officer job after his “coronation” as Kingoo

By Toni Musani Chapman

Kapchorwa: Retired UPDF officer Maj Leonard Chemonges is casting his net wide open to tame members from a faction organizing the installation of a cultural leader for Sebei.

Maj Chemonges is eyeing the same seat.

In the latest wooing, the son of the late Y.K Chemonges, the first cultural head of Sebei, said Mr Kasim Lamin will be incorporated in his “kingdom” as an Intelligence Officer.

Maj Leonard Chemonges

“You will be the I.O of my guard unit, so you are safe bro,” he told Mr Lamin last night in a WhtsApp chat, clearly defining the acronym as Intelligence Officer.

Mr Lamin has positioned himself since 2018 as the front bull streamlining the installation of a cultural leader for Sebei. He is part of the formulation of a cultural constitution for Sebei, which is yet to be made public.

He was also instrumental in the enthronement of the late Stephen Kapkweyin Chemonges II as a cultural leader, unfortunately, the would-be Sebei cultural boss succumbed to Covid-19 during the lockdown.

Kapkweyin was an elder brother to Maj Chemonges.

However in a firedback response yesterday, Mr Lamin, who is coincidentally a trained intelligence officer, sarcastically welcomed  Maj Chemonges offer, but cast doubt on the latter’s success.

Mr. Lamin Kasim

“Oh, thank you for the offer Boss. But In my personal opinion I do not think you can rise to that position without using the Act and following the law. But all the same, Boss try your luck.,” Mr Lamin said.

In the latest two factions that have seen different Sabinys stir debate, with many expressing selfish interests, Mr Lamin is the secretary general of Sapiny Cultural Institution, fronting Mr Peter Swilkey as the next cultural head of Sebei.

Mr. Peter Swilkey

The quest for a cultural leader has drawn different interpretations of how Sebei will establish a cultural institution.

Whereas the Lamin faction have glued themselves in following the Institution of Traditional or Leaders Act, 2011, the group backing Maj Chemonges claim the seat for the cultural leader is hereditary and can only be chosen from the late Y.K Chemonges family.

The 2011 Act clearly stipulates a roadmap for the institution of traditional and cultural leaders in Uganda, which the Chemonges camp also claims to have been violated.

Maj Chemonges is now organizing the commemoration of his fathers legacy on 25th January, a day he says they will install him as his father’s heir and the Kingoo of Sebei.

The term Kingoo is widely believed to be a title for the cultural leader of Sebei following the election of Y.K Chemonges in 1962. It, however, remains unclear if Sebei has been having a kingdom that binds a monarchial form of governance, with some elites searching for answers to know who was the Prime Minister under  Y.K Chemonges.

It also remains unclear who will preside over the coronation of Maj Chemonges, but a bigger section of the population has called for dialogue among the warring factions.

Currently,A cultural leader or King earns Ushs 5Million from the government.

The government is considering paying all cultural institutions 60 million Shillings per month. This was revealed in 2022 by the Prime Minister, Ms Robinah Nabbanja during a special sitting of Parliament in which legislators convened to pay tribute to the Iteso Cultural Leader, late Emorimor Augustine Osuban Lemukol.


  January 18, 2024   People & Culture


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