Tension Escalates as Security Forces Surround Home of Rd Major Leonard Chemonges

In an unexpected turn of events, the residence of retired Major Leonard Chemonges has become the epicenter of a brewing conflict as a large contingent of army and police personnel surround the premises, blocking the planned commemoration ceremony of Yovan Maigut Chemonges, the revered First cultural leader of Sebei.

The retired Major alleges that security officers have gone to great lengths to disrupt the event, accusing them of chasing away service providers, consuming the food meant for guests, and engaging in various acts of destruction.

Yovan Maigut Chemonges holds a significant place in Sebei culture, and the planned commemoration ceremony was expected to draw attendees from across the region. However, the heavy presence of security forces has now cast a shadow over the event, raising concerns among the local community.

An officer speaking on condition of anonymity has shed light on the reasons behind the heavy security presence surrounding the home of Retired Major Leonard Chemonges. According to the undisclosed source, security forces were not intent on stopping the commemoration celebrations of Yovan Maigut Chemonges but were apprehensive about the retired Major’s alleged plans to declare himself as the third ‘King of Sebei’ during the occasion, bypassing legal procedures.

The Principal Private secretary to H.E the President of the republic of Uganda had on 15th January written to the Hon Minister of Gender Labour and social development informing the minister that the president would not be attending the commemoration ceremony and was delegating her.

Letter from the Private secretary to the President to the Minister

In a letter dated 22 January 2024,the District Security Committee wrote to the Principal Private secretary to H.E the president fronting resolutions by the addressing a letter that had been written by statehouse directing the minister of Gender, Labour and social development to represent the President and Sapiiny cultural clans leadership inviting leaders for a three days’ conference at Trinity Biblical institute from 25th January 27 January 2024.

A letter by the DSEC to Mr. Kenneth Omana

Local authorities have not issued a statement on the matter, leaving the community in suspense about the reasons behind the security operation and the blocking of the commemoration ceremony. The tension in the area continues to escalate as residents await official clarification.

The community and supporters of Retired Major Leonard Chemonges are calling for a peaceful resolution, urging the relevant authorities to address the situation promptly and allow the planned commemoration ceremony to proceed without further disruptions.


  January 25, 2024   People & Culture


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