Sebei College Tegeres witnessed a momentous occasion as 2761 senior one and senior five students from 19 secondary schools across Kapchorwa Municipality and Kapchorwa District graduated from the Patriotism Corps program. The ceremony, held amid a backdrop of national pride and fervor, marked a significant milestone in the journey of these young minds towards a deeper understanding of civic duty and national identity.

Top Officials at the Pass out Ceremony

The graduation ceremony, held at Sebei College Tegeres, was a vibrant affair, with students, teachers, and dignitaries alike coming together to celebrate the dedication and commitment demonstrated by the graduates throughout their time in the program. As the sun cast its warm glow upon the gathered assembly, speeches resonated with messages of unity, service, and the importance of patriotism in shaping the future of the nation.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Limo Johnson the Host headteacher commended the graduates for their unwavering commitment to the ideals of patriotism and urged them to continue serving as ambassadors of positive change in their communities. “Today marks not only the culmination of your hard work and dedication but also the beginning of a new chapter in your journey towards becoming active and responsible citizens,” he remarked.

Mr. Limo Johnson, HM Sebei College Tegeres

Mr. Ocakacen Gilbert the officer in charge of Kapchorwa CPS elivered a powerful message on the importance of moral conduct. Emphasizing the impact of personal integrity, he stated, “Living an upright life isn’t just a personal choice; it’s a responsibility we owe to ourselves, our families, and our community.” His words resonated, urging attendees to uphold values of honesty and accountability for a better society.

ASP Ocokacen Gilbert

Among the attendees were Head Teachers and teachers from all the nineteen schools,Municipal Inspector of Schools,Officials from Civil Society (KACSOA) and parents, all of whom expressed pride in the achievements of the graduates and reiterated their support for initiatives aimed at fostering a sense of national pride among the youth.

One of the graduates, Sarah Chemutai ,shared her reflections on the program, stating, “The Patriotism training has been an eye-opening experience for me. It has taught me the importance of serving my country and giving back to my community. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this program and am eager to continue making a positive impact wherever I go.”

Patriotism Corps matching

Mr. Martin Sakajja, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC), added a touch of honor to the graduation ceremony of the Patriotism Corps. Addressing the gathered audience, he extended gratitude to the headteachers for their unwavering support throughout the program. Mr. Sakajja also commended the corps members for their resilience during the rigorous training.

Mr Martin Sakajja, Deputy RDC Kapchorwa

In an inspiring message, he encouraged the corps to let their actions serve as beacons, guiding others to follow in their footsteps. “Let your deeds inspire others to follow your noble path,” Mr. Sakajja urged, emphasizing the importance of setting positive examples for the community.

With the echoes of applause reverberating through the air, the 2761 graduates of the Patriotism Corps program stepped forward into a future filled with promise, their hearts aflame with the spirit of patriotism and a commitment to building a better tomorrow for all.


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