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Sebei MPs Docile, Nothing to Discuss at the August House – Community


The nine members of Sebei Sub region in the 12thparliament are on the spot for defiling their manifestos as they fail raise and discuss Matters of Sebei in parliament.

They include, Hon. Sam Cheptoris (Minister of Water and Environment), Hon. Phillis Chemutai, Hon Fadil Twalla, Hon. William Chemonges, Hon Emma Cherukut Rose, Hon Alinga Solomon Chelangat, Hon Ruben Paul Chelimo, Abdi Chemaswet Kisos and Hon Chemutai Everline.

Sebei nation Editorial has obtained an anonymous information that the que also do not pick calls, change telephone numbers and taking top decision of using call diverts as a game plan.

Luckily, as SNN editorial insisted for a comment from the accused, one of the legislators whose names are withheld for legal reasons attributed the community outcry to their  in-house fights, permissiveness and pride. “I have answered this call, but the truth is that, we need deliverance”.

Mark Cherop, The Project officer at Kapchorwa Civil Society Organization Alliance (KACSOA), on his tweet that has attracted over 1000 engagements, questioned as to why Sebei  the sub region with Nine Legislators do not discuss matters of National importance that include; lack of a public university for Sebei, resettlement of the marginalized Benet indigenous people, water for both domestic and production, endless Pokot/Karamojong cattle rustling among others.

According Cherop, the members of parliament aren’t executing their mandate as promised to the electorates. “It sounds funny and unpleasant when even a region with most MPS, benefit the least from national cake”. Said Cherop, He Asked “Do our Members of Parliament really know what Sebei really need?” he wondered

Muhammad Murami, a concerned citizen says most of the legislators are money minded, thus failing to administer and implement on the promises they made to the community.

 He advise Sebei sub region to cease from monitory politics.

“Electorates should vote for leaders and shun money, if money comes first, it compromises your ability to have a right discussion”. He said.

Currently, it’s believed that, the nine MPs of Sebei sub region with their self-centeredness has widen the gap between them and the electorates.


  1. Send that is true but they are representing us because we voted them and their terms are on a count down

    • Exactly,We only get chance to exercise this right once in 5 years and our people ought to use it very well this time round.


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